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Dr. Carolyn Acorn


Dr. Carolyn Acorn grew up on the north shore of Prince Edward Island. Her interest in Optometry began when she had to wait for more than six months for a routine eye examination. Dr. Acorn completed a Bachelor of Science with a major in Biology at the University of Prince Edward Island before continuing on to the University of Waterloo for her Doctor of Optometry degree. Following graduation, Dr. Acorn spent an extra year at the University of Waterloo and completed a residency in Low Vision and Geriatrics.

Dr. Acorn spent some time working in Ottawa Valley after her residency ended but she and her husband were soon drawn back to the Island. Since January 2000, Dr. Acorn has been part of the team at Drs. Hickey, Burke & Associates.

Professionally, Dr. Acorn has served on the Prince Edward Island College of Optometrists, and is currently part of the executive of the Prince Edward Island Association of Optometrists. She is also a volunteer for the Arthritis Society and serves on the parent board of a local daycare.

Dr. Acorn and her husband Rob have two children and a pet dog and enjoy family time.


Coronavirus Update

To all our wonderful patients and others in need,

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, both PEI’s Chief Health Officer and the Prince Edward Island College of Optometrists have recommended that non-urgent eye examinations cease for the time being.

In order to protect our patients, staff and the general public, we of course will follow this recommendation, starting Wednesday March 18, with a further review and decision on April 6th. However, we have no intentions of leaving our patients without eye care and will have one doctor in to see emergency patients each business day. We feel that to fail to provide emergency eye care would only add to the congestion at medical clinics and hospitals.

If you are experiencing any eye problems at all, please call us at 902-368-3001. Examples would include: sudden changes in vision, eye infections, a foreign body in an eye, flashes of lightning in your vision, new floaters in your vision, or broken glasses with no backup to get you by. Those are only to name a few. We will decide whether your situation is urgent in nature and book you in if it is.

We are here for you, even through this difficult time, but expect strict COVID-19 screening questions from our staff when you call.

If you have eyewear ordered with us, you will be receiving a call when it arrives as usual. The staff will make arrangements with you for pick up, however, like all else, we suggest waiting to pick up glasses until we are back to full operations. If you are in need of the glasses, we will arrange for you to pick them up. For contact lenses, any remaining balance will be requested over the phone to limit time and contact in the office and you can then proceed to pick them up. We are also still accepting orders. Some brands can even deliver directly to you. Others we will meet you at our office door with.

After lengthy discussion, we feel that routine adjustments are not essential services and at this time we would ask you refrain from coming in for that service. If you are in a painful situation with your glasses, or they require a major adjustment or repair, please call to discuss a solution.

Please everyone take care and try to carry out the advice being given on limiting the spread of this virus so we can all get back to the Island way of life we all love.