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Administrative Assistant

Leeann is one of the welcoming smiles that will greet you at our front desk when you start your journey with our practice.  She is highly knowledgable on all things related to helping you check in and out, insurance claims, purchases, questions, and all things PEI!  Leeann is highly personable and always up for a chat.  She will make you feel at home whether it is your first visit with us or your 50th!


Unfortunately, as of Tuesday, October 4th at 8:00AM, we remain without power and remain closed. If power is restored, we will open and resume appointments immediately. We will call if reopening happens midday.

Anyone who has missed an appointment since Sept. 26 will be contacted to arrange rescheduling.

Our phone system also requires power and that is why you have not be able to get through on our phone line.

Anyone with an emergency should report to the QEH.

We look forward to returning to service you at the soonest possible time.